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It's another new week and we hope everyone is doing great? Anyway we have some quick information for you today and we hope this helps some members stay a little patient. Cazainvestment Inc is doing very well, right now it's rated as top 5 on MoneyNewsOnline Blog and many others, The major issue for today is that we would like members who have requested LibertyReserve withdrawal to give us 24hours ?48hours to process their pending withdrawal request, if you noticed we have changed our LibertyReserve account, This is a minor issue so we want everyone to be relaxed, if by 48hours we are unable to process this then it can result to red flags but for now we are pretty sure of the status of this been resolved. All other payment processor request are been processed right on time. We hope to get your support and look at serving you more each day. Thanks, Pally Eppie. cazainvestment hyip funds
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