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givemoney hyip investment first news

This is Robert Koncz, the admin of GivMoney, and this is our first newsletter. I'm so excited! GivMoney has just been launched 5 days ago, and at the moment of writing this e-mail to you there are 1,364 members registered already, 1,207 of them are active investors with total of $124,700 in deposits! Undoubtedly, this is totally a mind-blowing growth and I can't imagine to myself a better start for GivMoney than this. I'll stop myself saying this is the best beginning ever the HYIP industry had ever known, but at least that's what I feel right now. Our members database is growing in the speed of a rocket, and new investors keep joining almost every minute! This is simply awesome, that GivMoney started with such growth, and I wonder what will be the growth rate of it in a couple of months from now. As you probably noticed, I spent thousands of dollars from my own pocket for the advertising campaign of GivMoney, and GivMoney is now advertised virtually almost everywhere - in the most popular monitors, forums and paid-to-click sites. And it really paid off! Our Alexa rank is jumping and GivMoney has managed to achieve the highest level of popularity in just few days while for other HYIPs it took months to reach this level. I will expand the huge advertising campaign of GivMoney to a higher level, in the coming weeks, and you will notice massive advertisements in the most popular forums out there - MMG, TG, DTM and others. I'm doing my best and utmost efforts to make sure GivMoney will become the best, hottest, and longest-lasting investment website out there. In order to achieve this goal, I need the support of every value member of GivMoney, by voting for us in the monitors and posting your payment proofs in the forums. With this said, I decided to launch our first Referral Contest! The member, who will get the most *ACTIVE* referrals by the end of this month, April 30th, will receive a cash prize of $700, directly to his desired e-currency account. The second place will receive $400 and third place will receive $250. The contest starts today, April 13th, and will end on April 30th. I expect each, and every member of GivMoney, to promote the project in the best way possible, by advertising his/her referral link and our banners, in as many places as possible. Of course, please note that spamming is not allowed, and that everyone should participate in this contest in a good and honest manner. Another thing I would like to mention, and share with you, is two incidents that happened in the last 2 days: the first one is an investor who made 3 multiple deposits of $5,000 each to the 126% after 7 days plan, and the second one is an investor who invested $27,000 via LibertyReserve, to the 170% after 15 days plan. These deposits were immediately refunded to these investors, because I consider it as an attempt to HIT & RUN and take advantage of the growth and huge potential of GivMoney. Please note, that I am totally against such investors, who try to take advantage of the situation and the huge cashflow of GivMoney, and therefore make such substantial deposits, in order to make big profits to themselves. GivMoney doesn't allow any discrimination between our valued members, and a member who will invest more than $5,000 to the 126% after 7 days plan in the same period of deposit, or exceed the $20,000 maximum to the 170% after 15 days plan, will find his funds returned to his e-currency account immediately, and will not be able to participate in the project any longer. Please be advised that surpassing the maximum deposit amount allowed is totally prohibited and is considered as a HIT&RUN activity. That's all for our first newsletter. I wish the best of luck to each, and every member of GivMoney, who participates in the referral contest, and am looking forward to seeing your skills in promotion and advertising our project! Yours Faithfully, With Warmest Regards, Robert Koncz, GivMoney Admin.
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Crypto7 investment company


Export Way Limited

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Winberg Sport company

Export Way Limited

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City Build Trade

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