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Gorgon Project invest alertpay to libertyreserve

No news back from AlertPay HQ Many of you would be aware that we have an issue with AlertPay and that we are awaiting confirmation from them that our account will be 'unlocked' and that we can continue making AlertPay payments to you. Unfortunately we have not had a response for over a week and are in limbo until we have some kind of indication of what's happening. I would have assumed that we would have an answer one way or the other by now, or even a reason to why the account was blocked in the first place! But, not to worry. We have a strong contingency plan and it is already in place and working rather well. If you are still making AlertPay withdrawals you are quite welcome to sit it out and wait for AlertPay to unlock the account. As soon as we have access we can complete ALL pending AlertPay withdrawals. You also have the option of converting the AlertPay to Liberty Reserve or Global Digital Pay and withdrawing this way or just reinvesting the amount while we wait. Whatever method you choose we are more than happy for you to continue to make your own choice for at least another week. We want to try to make this little hiccup a non issue and not panic anyone. We have the AlertPay funds, we have the LibertyReserve funds and all is under control. We do however want your patience as the additional and unpredictable load on our Liberty Reserve account means automatic withdrawals are virtually impossible to keep up (our Liberty Reserve withdrawals have doubled since we added the Exchange feature), so please dont go into a spin if your withdrawal is not instant, but instead takes about 24 hrs to complete. The worse case scenario is that we will totally ditch AlertPay next week and allow you to exchange your AlertPay funds to a different e-currency. Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Global Digital Pay withdrawals are not affected apart from time constraints meaning they may also take up to 24 hours to complete. Once again we would like to thank everyone for their support and understanding. More updates soon. Best regards Paul Admin Gorgon Project Invest
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