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gorgon project invest : beware of hoax e-mails

Please be aware there are quite a few nasty fake e-mails circulating. We have not sent any official e-mails regarding special deals with Liberty Reserve nor are we closing down. Please ignore these e-mails. We realize they look genuine, but a main feature is that they are not addressed to you personally and they don't have your username on them. Please study the fake e-maisl and look in the header details, you will see they are not sent from our server. It is a common practice by scam artists to send damaging e-mails like this. Once again we will rise above this attack on our good name and reputation. I suppose problems like this are par of the course in this industry, but we will continue to move forward and bring your an investment opportunity to be proud of. Thank you for your support and understanding. Best regards Paul (the real Paul!) Gorgon Project Invest
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