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I hope that all of you had a wonderful christmas! I just wanted to send out a small clarification mail about our christmas bonus since we received quite a few mails from investors asking why the amount they received was different from their usual daily/weekly interest amounts and why some received multiple payments. Please note that the christmas bonus is in addition to your daily/weekly interests. We sent out a small percentage of your deposit amount for all individual deposits irrespective of whether it was in daily or weekly plan. So, if you had made more than one deposit with us you would have received more than one bonus payment. This is purely a bonus amount in addition to your regular daily/weekly interests which will continue to be paid as normal. We are also planning to come out with some sort of a promotional offer for the New Year. I will send out an update once we finalize the details. I also want to welcome all the new investors who joined us recently. Please do feel free to contact our support by email or live chat if you have any queries about our program. (Note - Live Help is currently unavailable till Jan 2nd since some of our support staff are not available during the holidays. From Jan 3rd, live help services will resume as normal). We are also working to add phone support option for our members and it should be available soon. Best Regards,
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