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bullinvco banner hyip reply

Thank you for answers and further actions like banner and...! But, we hope you answers all questions and request in details! We want to start huge advertisement from this week' start or next week, We now have your clientid and username. Also please send your price for first of list position and yours banner advertisement options and if available for yours review interview at DISCOUNTED price! We hope it was a reasonable price depend on your reaching, alexa info and ...! We will discuss it further if the price was to high! We appreciate your ranking and alexa data also. Please send a discounted price for first position's list and 728 banner. Also if you check your affiliate management for statistics you will notice no visit from you till now!So... We want to mention we want to paid you just from our reserve investments' interest and this is no just a fake ones. Also we want to say you that you will get a good affiliate management in your financial account that shown you good statistics. You can request for further bonus depend on your statistics i this section! Please provide all details and ask questions if you have any doubts before start at this week or next ones. We will fund your account and notify you for start day!
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