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Do a maverick pig - you suitable for HYIP speculative?

Do a maverick pig - you suitable for HYIP speculative? Somebody said: "long term investors are the short term speculators" tied down. Although nowadays more and more people to do a stock in said he was "investment", but in my encounters -- whether among people of retail or institutional investors at home and abroad to invest, really is, arguably much rarer, one hand can count. Of course, if investment involves a definition question: what exactly is "investment"? What is "HYIP speculative"? On this issue, at present nor a recognized as the definition. In many cases, people seem to is to define "investment risk" and "the HYIP speculative" - risky small is for investment risk big is HYIP speculative. However, this distinction method is not accurate. Because any investment object has a risk, and the risk is one of the risk size may have change. For example, fixed income bonds arguably the most safe investment. But, if the economy suddenly into a period of high inflation, rising prices, these benefits fixed Treasury investment risk is very big. Moreover, the size of the risk of not only with investment target, but also related to the financing volume you've put in on. If you put all the money into the seemingly "the most insurance" securities, even borrow words, you probably will invest to bankruptcy. Instead, if you take some money out into risky projects, that is "risk investment". In my opinion, the investment and HYIP speculative may have great risk, also be the risk control to be small. Its the biggest difference lies not in the risks, or lies in your essay: are you hope to make money from hold, or wish to make money from the sale. When you "investment" in a company, you care most is the company through business how much money annually, bring you much cash flow. You won't worry about the company's stock price is now much, because you are not ready to sell the stock. In fact, you may be more hope stock prices falling, so you can get a better investment opportunities. And if you are "HYIP speculative" in the company's stock, the company itself if the state of operation and can make a lot of money, for you are not the most important, the most important thing is how much the others would like to buy. So, what you care about most and not stock itself, but others view the characteristics of the change. Whether you are an investment or speculation, itself was not a better points, the key is to see if we can do to make money. And in my experience, investment profitable opportunities to much greater than speculation. This is because, from the Angle of investment correctly judge company performance prospects may be hard, but there may still be realized. From the Angle of speculation to correctly judge the opinions of others will how to change, it is difficult enough. For most people, it would be almost impossible. The United States has a famous market chartists said, the stock market is like a root tied with a group of pigs in the flagpole, under these pig dithering, flagpole will wave west pendulum east. But the people do not need to know fry these pig is in eat, sleep or in, need only to mate through the research on the laws of the pole moved next time, know flagpole to what direction. But the problem is, chartists itself is actually a tied to the pig flagpole. He is studying how would the pole, but also shaken in affecting flag shaken. Add these chained to a flagpole pig most didn't eat, sleep or mating, but all doing the same thing -- the flagpole will how to shake. It is conceivable that in such situations, any pig in a little bit of action will affect other pig reaction, then influence each other. In such a so-called "positive feedback" systems, like the butterfly vibration can cause the typhoon, tiny changes as will affect the flag, which makes this shake direction predict job become very difficult. However, this is not to say that speculation is absolutely can't make money. I actually met HYIP speculative quite successful. And, in my personal experience speaking, although I feel really make money by or investment, but I also speculation, and overall HYIP speculative gains is good. Although in my opinion, the investment likely to succeed, but speculation considerably more than the speculation has its advantages: but also the opportunity to HYIP speculative considerably more than the investment. Because investment opportunities tend to be elusive - if the stock price is higher, then you can't invest in stocks. And for HYIP speculative speaking, as long as there is trading, so long as has the price fluctuations, whatever price is high or low, there are always opportunities. But I also want to emphasize that the historical experience proof, investment chance of success will greatly exceed speculation. The vast majority of people were eventually is HYIP speculative money-losing average revenue or obtain below market ended the outcome. It still doesn't take into account the HYIP speculative usually takes more than investment of time and energy. But if you still want to speculation, then you must have your own judgment ability. That is to say, want to do to a maverick pigs, has its own understanding of speculation. The following tests may help you judge oneself HYIP speculative ability. One of the many topics from Andre families had the best stowe pull money in his book excerpting story. A success. Do you think speculation is the most important factor to: (1) talent; (2) luck; (3) experience; (4) knowledge. 2. Decided to buy and sell stocks, the most important is: (1) the stock research; (2) market research. Three. You can usually at any time to sell the shares: (1) make a little money cast; (2) must earn big money then hurled; (3) regardless of the gain and loss. Four. Penny stock attention to some of the major when financial media, securities companies the market analysis report to: (1); (2) wrong. Five. When you find what you hold stock a fund heavy warehouse strands, you will: (1) considering ing; (2) consider reducing warehouse; (3) continue to watch. 6. Stock speculation, the mainest is need to undertake: (1) the fundamental analysis; (2) technology surface analysis; (3) need; (4) is told very hard. Seven. Policies on stock market impact: (1) the short-term impact; (2) medium-term effect; (3) long-term effects. Eight. When the market has great news shares but no appears and rising, I will use this opportunity to: (1) buy; (2) sell; (3) continue to watch. 9. Always can cast high low suck are: (1) had inside information; (2) the very high level of technical analysis; (3) luck good man; (4) liar. 10. The world's largest telecommunications equipment company cisco sued China's huawei tort, do you think this lawsuit on cisco positive: (1); (2) for good; China (3) are not. 11. You in the financial channel CCTV see profits will rise sharply this year baosteel, when you find the news of baosteel's share price has had quite a rise, you will: (1) considering to buy; (2) continue to watch; (3) resolutely avoidance. Twelve. Are you in town travel, see a local newspaper reported a local listed company profits will soar rising news, can you listen to the listed companies have never heard, and you find its share price already have a recent rise, you will: (1) considering to buy; (2) continue to watch; (3) resolutely avoidance. Below is the grading methods for these tests. One. (1) talent: 3 points; (2) luck: 2 points; (3) experience: 1 points; (4) knowledge: 1 points. You can lifetime HYIP speculative, you can read all the books, but eventually fry decision whether you can become a successful speculator the basic factor or your talent -- your personality, your way of thinking, your comprehension ability. At the same time, to all the speculators speaking, luck is indispensable. 2. (1) equity research, 1pt; (2) market research: three points. Although many people now are saying that "watch grail see individual stocks", but in most cases, to market trends, the decision you HYIP speculative gains most. Three. (1) make penny: 0; (2) make a lot of money: 0; (3) regardless of the gain and loss: three points. The stock is no memory, what you buy is no meaning price. Determine whether the factors behind only one stock - the trend of the future. 4. (1) : 3 points; (2) the wrong: 1 points. The purpose of the attention this information is not to do as they say, but this grasp the current market overall state of mind. 5. (1) considering ing: 0; (2) consider reducing warehouse: 3 points; (3) continue to watch: 1 points. If a stock has become a fund, and subsequent heavy warehouse stock take power greatly reduces the risk of reducing their holdings, concentration is up. You need to put the stock sold to fund, rather than from the fund bought stocks. 6. (1) the fundamental analysis: 0; (2) technology surface analysis: 0; (3) need, 1pt; (4) it's hard to tell: three points. The most important is to understand HYIP speculative market mentality change, is fundamental analysis or technical surface analysis, depends on the market at mentality. Seven. (1) the short-term impact, 1pt; (2) medium-term effect: three points; (3) long-term effects: 0 points. Short-term policies on the market have much influence, and depends on the market psychology of policy factors expected. But in the long term, the market is ultimately under the influence of the long-term trend of economic conditions. Eight. (1) buy: 0; (2) sell: 3 points; (3) continue to watch: 1 points. Positive did not rise, affirmation is to have its internal causes. 9. (1) had inside information: 0; (2) the very high level of technical analysis: 0; (3) luck good man: 0; (4) liar: three points. If a person like this word, he or she is already the world's richest man. 10. (1) : 0 points on cisco positive; (2) for good: 2 points China; (3) are not: 0 points. Explain the cisco - the world's largest telecommunications equipment company feeling threatened, for is a sure China. 11. (1) considering to buy: 0; (2) continue to watch: 1 points; (3) resolutely avoid: three points. The stock has been built for public news, you, the best way is avoided. 12. (1) considering to buy: 2 points; (2) continue to watch: 1 points; (3) resolutely avoid: 0 points. The news may not be market, but only a general recognition in some strength agency has just bought. Well, now to see your score. Higher than 26 points: maverick pigs. To HYIP speculative already have a deep understanding, can make their own independent judgment, and have the opportunity to make money from speculation. 12-26 points: glance pigs. A certain understanding of speculation, but still far from enough. More is being judgment, the market affected by the mood. HYIP speculative results are usually lost money. 12 points in the following: don't know so pig. The characteristics of HYIP speculative do not understand. But the ignorant fearless, instead, the lucky than more likely glance pig earn money.
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