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Original] "on capital growth" In the ancient times, our ancestors wild neither beasts sharp teeth, also do not have developed limbs kind of more than running legs, agile and ape birds, how they are ecstatic won in the existence of competition? Human hunters as dangerous, but can will prey bred, tame, and make its breeding, and not always hunt. Although picking technology, but pick than the ape the fruits of without spectral eat rice, but remain part used to grow, looking forward to next year's harvest. How is this for having vision of investment activities! Also, they put some pervious experiences from the bark of the neanderthals for keeping records to preach the posterity, let posterity don't make the same mistake again. With the accumulation of empirical knowledge and wealth, generation after generation, humans have different from the past, they are human knowledge and wisdom, their armed predecessors also enjoy the great wealth accumulates, so human has become strong and invincible. The only possible destroy human only human yourself: their greed and endless grab of nature. In this competition, the human vision, resource capitalization and the accumulation of knowledge, wealth won key factors. Become Mankind can emerge from animal, eventually become the soul of the universe, all depend on "accumulation" 2 words, including knowledge accumulation and the accumulated resources. Will the resources (including the accumulated knowledge) be capitalized with the progress made the accumulation of significance. That is to say, the capitalization of the resources for human progress of decisive significance. The so-called resources fully effectively use the capitalization is its use of resources do many things on their own. Capital growth trick is moderate, risk exploration and effective utilization. Leave unused capital precipitation will slow appreciation and progress of speed. Risk brings new opportunities to explore discovering and innovating, have adequate pioneer properties while maintaining sustained progress. The important guarantee to lasting Personal resources include knowledge, skills, strength, intelligence, contacts, wealth, climate, geographic location, information and experience, experience, good habits, pleasant personality and courage, the will, the patience, perseverance, agile and so on all sorts of good character, so everyone has their using capital available. Although everyone using resources available are different, and personal development and progress in how the perspective that growth in the use of resources, namely the capitalization. For example, some people according to their own experiences knowledge, through writing expression, make oneself knowledge diffuse, knowledge to progress, and thus bring new opportunities. Some people just one more old, but between can borrow rental value, meet new guest, even monarch hotel, buttheir rolling revenue. Some people only a skills, for instance, the tailor, but which started doing business, open the cloth to develop even clothing store, offered clothing company, to world-class large enterprise, such as WuRuiLin QiaoXing group company chairman. So the story in today's entrepreneurial upsurge not unusual things. Capital if not fully and rationally utilizing affect value-added, many have had some resources people because of chilled holdings of resources and lost expansion opportunities. Their mistake lies in failed to take out the appropriate proportion reinvested, eventually wasted. And some people cherish or excessive adventure, resources even affected the excessive use of healthy life, may also put all your eggs in one basket adventure led to too big wave motion, eventually attended, the loss outweights the gain. Anyhow, ignoring their own conditions of excessive adventure will also wreck a capital, influence grow. For example, the great leap forward lessons and excessive investment lead to bankruptcy adventurer (cao's ChenJiuLin) and exhausted the authority in their hands the corrupt officers (outnumbered, may involve a list). Some people money is not much, but Ken took out a significant portion of investment in education, the children often also become a turning point of the family fortune. In my opinion, all the capital are risk capital, all the risks are capital risk. Whether the progress of the society or personal growth depends on the so-called "capital adventure". Throughout history, no matter which kind of capital, its adventure close enough-plus success rate. Therefore shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, and to work out a better on the proportion of the investment. In the era of national TongPei resources, with capital of weld, success often when a mushroom to losses, mistakes. In individual investment era, due to risk dispersible, responsibility, disposable to strengthen the resources were also unearth fully use, the benefit is higher, development to faster. America's development quick instead of nearly 200 years exploring (military adventure adventure, scientific exploration, Hyip investment, academic innovation) is directly related to China's progress is relatively slow manage together. The Three Kingdoms period, wu, refused to keep party 6.1% adventure (investment again) is to die, but though shu capped, the positive enterprising talents, but the national strength, small and great input destroyed by the earliest (not careful) is seems zhuge liang to death. Wei wei investment proportion of appropriate, although have defeated, still can chibi possession. Achievement emperor It also can learn some how to use capital of reason. Any resource use will produce risk, so must be appropriate bet on. Want to make oneself disposable resources live it up, this is the only route implement the rapid development. This is my capital concepts.
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