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is arbitrage is not Hyip investment

"I say it again, is arbitrage is not HYIP investment. You won't naively ready to accompany reform company until they refinancing encircling money?" A fund company in the education of my friends when hurried, nasty tone about to say Japanese. Fund wanted to do it, and prices will become how complicated? Once the rebound, once cost-driven funds and the economic development of almost all no relationship, once lost big rebound funds support what will be like? Like the eagles prairie was plucked light as a feather, and chicken didn't much difference. "If the number is expected to price level main line, then the only become market rebound still without arbitrage space restrictions. Market value only new continue driving factors, can really expand ascendant Spaces. Therefore, we still maintain market outlook neutral slant warm, space is limited judgment." Following the passage is fund of the circle hood I asked several agencies friends. Unfortunately, shouldn't the consensus reached a deal when it happened. This means that prices will probably come to a "think dare not, want to pat" embarrassing position under. I've fondly thought, "international" since lit the market and don't fund is not fueled? Behold fund company friends disagree, "do you feel stock fund area unitary above is good back? Not a massive redemptive just strange." This perspective, fund company didn't really dynamic struggled. After all, who is not willing to bullish market but compensate a management fee. If a fund didn't this idea statement, might as well do high net worth and hard truth. To get more and more pleasure in small, don't understand of speculation but more. Once was scarce resources in rapid expansion of G shares have much appeal after? This is a no quantitative answer, it seems that all institutional investors have noticed the change. Adjust will in any way appear, three people have three answers, three men's words are equivocal. Cut cut, all actions don't see baosteel.
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