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Can HYIP win the money ?

Today, too many people think HYIP risk investment fun, earn HYIP money, but they ignored in the United States is a set of rules of the game, not the rules of the game, this game is playing up. Not a good game rules, light someone, light creative, light rich, are not enough. The rules of the game first set America's risk investment boom, rely on three things support: The first set of is "corporation law >. China's < > don't support company two things: one is the preferred stock, for they have no special protection; In addition, China < > recognize objects and company, selling cash of intangible assets evaluation and proportion of the share has limitations. Second, whether domestic domestic investors, entrepreneurs, or lack of follow the rules of the game's consciousness. Actually I have too many entrepreneurs, they don't understand took risk investment money, keep the family rules of the game, they took the somebody else old think money is a purpose. This awareness in silicon valley is a kind of culture, but it is difficult to transplant. I give some examples, jointly with the stipulated occupy severally, how many shares, but light on one or two people enough, we also looking for other people, we may also give the future employees leave shares, many entrepreneurs without this consciousness. You want to, you don't want people to vote money your big stocks, you want to share with you, investors: why don't you are willing to share with your employees? Your future will invite senior management personnel, why not willing to give them the shares? Why are you holding the shares to a personal hand? Many entrepreneurs without this concept. Also, many of China's traditional entrepreneurs can make the company to buy him a fancy cars, but a joint venture with me before you buy ask my opinion. Traditional Chinese entrepreneurs all feel very troublesome, this kind of thing will tell you? Another example, the past traditional enterprise, oneself tube a bill is ok, but to be listed, will accept an IPO, accept audit, to make financial clean. Many Chinese entrepreneurs can't do this, may themselves from enterprise take a lot of money, think enterprise is his personal. You will find that let these entrepreneurs to accept the rules, not to say that had to, must be recognized from the heart, but I think the rules, and now nobody taught entrepreneurs to these concepts. Why I refuse to some investment? A kind of person, I think people are very capable, but do not know to share with employees. As a high-tech enterprise, employees are very important. If he doesn't know how to respect hand, think they are working, he was the boss, that is wrong. There is a human, in the traditional industry mix for a long time, I feel he'll always give you "MaZhuoZi". We should have a rule, booked a game rules must abide by. But some people do not keep the rules, I also have no control over him. Because in fact VC is vulnerable groups, why is vulnerable? Didn't vote before the money was a terrific, once the money into companies, he can send someone looking at every day? If entrepreneurs want to do STH over and over again, absolute can toss, and he really couldn't empty. I always believe a truth, is "help others succeed you can easily success". Why I can build China's Internet's most powerful channel, because I was the first to give agents 50% into, before I never had. Work with others, I first before you can get any good, I take you think good foot, then I can also get some benefits, your benefits than my benefits big may, I talk to you, it is difficult to refuse to cooperate, because people are driven.
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