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Software hyip Chance in some Chinese city

According to understand, Beijing, dalian, tianjin etc, in order to support the government software industry are issued a very specific matching policy. Especially dalian software industry, has the pillar industry in the future to development, in overseas talents and enterprise introduction, developing international market, perfecting the risk investment system, etc, all issued a series of effective policies. And reporters at the visit tianhe software park when some enterprise to understand to, although software park provides software enterprise enterprise income tax "two avoid 3 halve" preferential policy, but financing problems still troubled private software enterprise -- these enterprise often no accumulation, lack of pawn, so it is difficult to get bank loans, difficult to rapidly do big. In addition, the size of the enterprise of guangzhou software also slant generally small, general is dozens of men, older also hundreds of people. This creates a enterprise technology development system is not perfected, technical standard low, cannot satisfy the demand of the market. In software park construction, guangzhou greatly small software park have five or six, including tianhe software park, nansha information science park, guangdong software scientific park, HuangHuaGang information field, but management not formed a fragmented, and potential of the prairie. These factors caused guangzhou internationalization level is low software industry. The software industry in 2005 ChuangHuiE resouece for export only $315 million in attracting foreign capital enterprise, it fell behind in Beijing and Shanghai.
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