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ALERTPAY personal accounts in hyip

ALERTPAY personal accounts is enough to play in Hyip accept alertpay. Introduction about person accounts: Need a beginner account to send and receive section? Need a fast way receipt of your payment? Every time gathering only need fixed cost $1 personal accounts for those in the online shopping, and sending money to others or occasional charge collection person is a very ideal way. Personal account does not have sales tool, but will still offers a variety of deposit way for you. For your security AlertPay allows you to bind two basic points E-mail address to your account. This will ensure that your account is not others know landed at the same time can receive others hair style, and sending money to others. The following is a man of some restrictions: account * no sales tool * monthly payment limits ($400) * annual accumulative total receipts limits ($2000) * most binding two E-mail to your account
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