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I know we always get a little too excited in our newsletters, so if you don\'t feel like reading it all just keep in mind that Primfix has now switched into second gear. We have improved our project a lot in the past weeks but these things will happen much faster from now on. We enjoy spending time on making Primfix, the best HYIP site ever but I\'m pretty sure most of you have already noticed that. First of all, I\'d like to say that our PTP system now works for normal referral links too. It was working only for Primfix Lite referral links but from now on you will get credits for every visitor you send to our site. We are in the process of creating some splash pages to help you promote Primfix, you\'ll also earn PTP credits for visitors you send to this page. It will be a very simple page explaining what Primfix is about and inviting the visitor to read more about it. We believe it is a very powerful marketing tool. Speaking of marketing, I would like to thank several online marketing experts who joined Primfix and invited their followers to do the same. We have noticed that many of our members are part time or even full time marketing professionals. We have finished creating a video to help you promote Primfix even better, you can see it here: . We will include this video in the splash page we mentioned earlier, feel free to use it in your blogs, forums, monitors, lists and other tools. Our growth rate has been outstanding, we will reach 2000 registered members sometime next week. What impressed me is that, during our last research, we noticed that a big part of our members have never been involved in HYIPs, that means we are getting a lot of attention and bringing new people to this big market. I would like to remind you that we are accepting Credit Cards payments through AlertPay, hundreds of deposits have been made using them as we expected. This leads me to another point: there are a lot of people asking us for proof that we are a registered Company. We have top level approvals from Alertpay and Solidtrustpay under our Primfix Limited name. We placed a link of our Incorporate Certificate on the main page of Primfix which was obtained in the year 2009. This was also when the domain was registered. The new big thing about Primfix that I want to share with you today is the Primfix Betting platform. Here\'s how it will work: we will announce a certain match 24 hours before it starts and you can place bets using either your e-currency funds or your account balance. When you place a bet, you need to pick plan A, B or C, like you do in normal deposits. If your bet wins, winners who chose plan A will earn 3% profit added to their account balances, winners who chose plan B will earn 4%, and plan C 5% plus your initial deposit, so you can withdraw your deposits AND bonus right away, it won\'t be deposited to the plan you chose. If you lose, the amount you bet will be deposited to the plan you chose. There will be no losers! We expect it to be ready within two weeks and only SMS verified members will be allowed to use it. You\'ll find more information about this verification next week, participating on this will be really simple! We are putting a lot of time and effort to make Primfix succeed, so I\'d like to ask you to talk about us on forums and blogs, don\'t forget we offer a three-level-deep referral system and with your help, we can make Primfix the best investment program ever. We wish you a great weekend,
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