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choose the suitable alertpay account and reduce the loss in hyip

there are three types AlertPay account lets you choose: Three account difference: General Account (Personal Account) : no fee to transfer, a month at $400 dollars only, can be gathering receipt of $2000 dollars each year, most can only add two email Account. Senior Account (Premium Account) : every time transfer fee is 2.5% + $0.25 dollars, no monthly or annual payment amount limitation, can add infinite email Account. Safety accounts (Secured Account) : every time transfer is 23.9% + $$0.59, no monthly or annual payment amount limitation, provides online sales toys, can add infinite email accounts, refund protection, support any website (multi-level sales, adult... etc.). Don't suggest you choose general account, because every time transfer fee 0, $senior account every time fee transfer will deduct money's 2.5% add $0.25 dollars. Senior account receipts $30 buckle $1 usd (30 x 0.025 + 0.25 = 1) poundage, if you receipts no more than $30 dollars so than general account save a lot of poundage, but if gathering more than $30 will pay more than $1, $PTC, make do early time more than $30 collection or very few, So proposal directly choose the second: Premium Account senior Account! But if you receive more than $400 in month in general account. You will upgrade automatically. If you will to win a lot in alertpay hyip ganeral account is not engou for you . But you can play it smartly, open sereral account with different ID card. :) LOL
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