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How much you can earn from alertpay hyip money?

How much you can earn from alertpay hyip money? Some of the ads say "month $1,000 8" or even $40,000 month may? That is dreaming! Perhaps some people do especially well, that is things you need to put many money in it with skillful experience. That a month on how much money on earth? Based on my experience, at first, with no referrals case, a month income about 100 dollars for beginner. registered and invest 50 into one alertpay hyip compay can make you about 25 dollars. If meanwhile each do 10 companies, a total of 20 companies, monthly income, about 160 dollars, because there is some risk, some compay will turn into scam. But you use alertpay to invest, some loss can be refund. Suggest you also do more than 20 stores, because money than 20 stores do only a cost of energy has not many more! Spend an hour or two foot! If you want to earn more, the best way is to develop referral! For example it: if you have developed 10 referrals, each downlines and 10 referrals, you and lower monthly income are 160 dollars, assuming the first three layers, 10% to 20% ratio, 5%. That your monthly income is: 160 dollars (yourself) + 10 * 160 * 20% (a layer) + 100 * 160 * 10% (2) + 1000 * $160 * 5% = 10080. Of course this is just a theoretical calculation, the actual or have bigger, because everyone in every month development so many referrals indeed difficult to do. But with confidence, hold on, always at this step, it's only a matter of time.
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