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Ecurrency account in the network If you are a newbie, before start making money, you need one important work to do. This is about network currency. Otherwise after you earned Money but does not know how to take, it will pure happy only. If you are familiar with the situation, please skip this post. At present domestic the most popular is bank transfer. At present the most popular network international payment forms mainly have Paypal (hereinafter referred to as PP), Alertpay (hereinafter referred to as, AP), Moneybookers (abbreviation MB), E - EG) and gold (hereinafter referred to as Stormpay (SP). Of course, Paypal account activated need to use international credit card, general net friend, but not the ability after french-based can be activated by a through domestic Banks Ticket out of $way. Paypal not accept hyip. But now not activate can also gathering, hair style, can pass electronic gold purchases for renminbi. Standing exchange secondly Moneybookers payment is relatively easy to be accepted by people, as long as you register with the correct English when they can write the address. More on how to register, please read this site collection tools column related articles. For tha AP alertpay invest in hyip, more people use this currency now. The most important thing is that you can refund in 30 days. Most of the money can be refund. but not all the money can refund.
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