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a result from one hyip program, this result is from primfix hyip investment accepted alertpay. As promised, here is a newsletter with our monthly results. Before we start, I would like to ask you to support us, at a little battle going on at the InvestelLife blog. You can see it here: Please vote for us so that more people will hear about Primfix and join our great team! Also, the famous hyip blog and monitor Money-News-Online interviewed us this week. We covered some very nice topics on it, so there might be something you\'d like to know about us but never asked. You can read it here: Another review was posted at MonetaryPress ( ), they also said some really nice words and facts about Primfix. We are pretty sure that blog will be among the most popular in the industry soon. As usual, if the reviews and interviews available don´t answer your questions about the program, please contact us through our live chat in the main site or through our support ticket system, in either English or French. Check our new advertising tools too, we have just updated it with text links, they are catchy slogans for Primfix that will make you feel like putting one of them in your forum signatures! Since we´re talking about promotions, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, these social networks are very powerful advertising tools and we\'ll start some huge campaigns on it very soon! Start following us and recommend it to your family and friends, I am sure most of them will love the idea of making a 60% profit in only 30 days, right? Also, keep checking our Ongoing Promotions page on a weekly basis, we will launch a new promotion this week, you can check this page here: Let´s start with the results now, Primfix has over 1700 registered members, and a bit over 2000 if we count Primfix Lite deposits. We had a very busy month when it comes to betting and it paid off. We are still far away from our goals, so we´ll probably have no rest while you enjoy your summer vacation this year! We have over $120,000 in deposits at the moment and our cash flow is amazing, which allows us to keep money in our Bookmaker accounts. We had to withdraw some funds back a few times this month, that really amazes us. Since we have a lot of money being deposited now, it\'s a lot easier to make arbitrage bets and that is what we are focusing in at the moment, we expect to minimize the risk involved in our bets in 5-15% from now and on. Many members asked how we don\'t get caught and we learned it with time. Now we place arbitrage bets among usual bets! Our funds distribution and total profit in the past 30 days are shown in the graphs below: As the graph above shows, our total profit was of about 60%. Some people may think that we made only enough to pay plan B profits but that is not true. Investments expired in the first weeks of May were paid using profits generated in the last weeks of April so we were able to pay all the profits and still have a positive cash flow. It might be a little confusing but we are making more than what we offer you, that is great because we can place bigger and bigger arbitrage bets every month and still have a backup fund! May was a very special month in the sports betting market, there were many big and profitable events including the UEFA Champions League final which I\'m sure a big part of our members watched! It was a great month in terms of profit made and goals achieved for Primfix, I could make a list of dozens, if not hundreds of places where our program is listed, there\'s a huge list of blogs, monitors and forums who listed us, people are talking about Primfix everywhere and in all languages over the Internet. All your efforts in promoting Primfix are appreciated, you\'re all doing a great job and we wouldn\'t be here if it wasn\'t for you. I hope you were satisfied with our monthly results and please don\'t forget to dedicate a few seconds of your time to vote for us at InvestLife\'s battle and post in forums or monitors. Have a great week everyone,
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