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A couple of days ago, we announced we have employed the services of a professional advisory service. We have yet to see anyone use this service. This is your service, and since we pay a weekly retainer fee (small, though, in comparative term), we wish to encourage you to use the service. On the other hand, if you sent us any messages on Thursday the 27th and we did not reply, please resend the message. We had a slight problem with our email relay service but it has now been fixed. It is our habit to reply to every message as soon as we received it. Monitor admin messages? Sorry, we do not look into those as we reckon there are more than 1500 monitors out there and replying each of them soliciting to provide us with monitoring service will take out a valuable chunk of our time. So sorry Monitor admins. Every legitimate message to us receives a reply within 24 hours at the latest. AccessTomorrow.Net has had a very good week, thanks to your efforts. We have been very surprised with the participation of investors from France, Germany, India and Nigeria. Someone informed us a news magazine (Success Digest) had featured an advert about AccessTomorrow.Net in Nigeria. We are most grateful for this noble dead. As you know, we work on weekends as week. So we look forward to service you as usual. Have a nice and fulfilling weekend. Best Regards. AccessTomorrow.Net
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