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The evaluation of alertpay hyip

Recent fascinated with alertpahy hyip, by invest in one of them, and I think that is the most reliable one. Evaluate a hyip website isn't is good, basically have so few evaluation index; 1. Whether can receive money, this is the most important meal, if busy, to earn money, what meaning? Good website will provide payment proof, you can find evidence of their payment. 2. Is is high return? See so many websites, so-called high is a click to have 10% daily is high, and the so-called 20% daily, rand you need to consider its reality. high than 10% daily is pure gamble game. 3. Every AD quantity, good alertpay hyip website has every day relatively stable advertising update for everyone in the main forum ; We choose the more than ten every advertising quantity, this is close to limit. 4. The minimum investment payments, now more popular is $10, there are also some new website is $5 or even lower; We certainly hope that the money as soon as possible, our hands, and do not wish to save money on others, to oneself that is just a blank check; Of course in theory the minimum investment amount as low as possible; But also don't expel some sites, not other newly opened, can only take advantage of this to attract new registration. 5. Large people group interesting in it, registered.
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