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The more I think, the more I will feel know less - Where to investment money? You can't believe advertising; You can't believe ADMINS; You can't believe the forum poster; You can't trust to your uplines' suggestion ; Can you believe yourself? There are many available hyips has operated for a long time - how long they can last? There are many available hyips just starts running yesterday - can we join early? There are many available hyips provide low return - Are they more stable? There are many available hyips - provides the high returns, can those hyip make you profitable earlier? Now I have fight with the hyips for a period of time, it already give me many lessions, 2011 was my first profit years. But, it is not enough to make a living on it. This is how I do: - when a new available hyips appear, I put it on my watch list inside; - if a month later it still exists and pay, I'll invest with their minimum investment; - if completely possible, I try to use old project profits to test new projects; - I never will exceed 5% of salary to put money into new risk project; For any project - my first goal is: get my principal investment; - I never choose automatic compound interest; - when I began to profit after (retrieve my investment), I began to this project or then again found new project investment; - my second investment for that top hyip program will never more than 50% of profits I got from it. Until today my monthly income from available hyips 10% of the my job, the rest from me. My plan is slowly change this tp 50%. But I won't give up my job.
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