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A letter from top hyip accept alertpay

A letter from top hyip accept alertpay. Our top hyip program hope you are all enjoying the profits you are earning. We are certainly very satisfied with the responses we have received so far. This week we made a deal with a well-known exchanger in the industry, We placed a link inside member\'s area for you to register with them if you need to exchange money between your e-currency accounts and if you sign up under the link inside member’s area, you will get a 25% off coupon that lasts forever! You can get a great discount on their fees. You can pay with alertpay, moneybooker and so on. Also, some of you may have noticed that we have included a splash page in the promotional tools area. It is a simple page with some basic information about Primfix as well as our promotional video, which you can use to invite people to join our team. You also earn PTP credits from visitors viewing the page. If you joined us recently, you may not know about our PTP system. Basically, you get 1 credit for each unique visitor (a visitor who has not visited the site in the past 12 hours) you send to Primfix page with your referral link. You can exchange these credits for money and right now the rate is $1.5 for 1000 credits. Remem that we are top hyip accept alertpay. Our betting platform will be available next week and we\'ll e-mail you the details once it is ready. As we mentioned it in our previous newsletter, you\'ll be able to place risk-free bets inside your member’s area. If you win, you\'ll get a bonus added to your account balance instantly but if you lose, the value of the bet will be deposited in one of our plans, which you have chosen before placing the bet. We are going to have a live chat session at Money-News-Online this Saturday at 6pm GMT. If you\'d like to join us, you need to register at their chat room a little earlier, as all registrations need approval. You can do so here: . Also, we would like to remind you of our Lite version, especially if you have friends who don\'t use English as their first language. The texts in the Lite Version are written in very simple English, so that it can be easily translated into any language. You will also earn PTP credits and referral commissions promoting Primfix Lite. To end this newsletter, I\'d like to inform you that Bank Wires and Western Union will be accepted as payment methods next month, our lawyer is going through some paper work to make it an option and it should be ready within a few weeks. Do not forget we already accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard payments through AlertPay, so that everyone can be a part of Primfix! Thanks a lot for being a member of Primfix and for sending us your suggestions and thoughts about it. We are improving our page based on the messages you send to us, post on forums and blogs and we are very satisfied so far although there\'s still a lot of work to do. As I already said before, we are here to make this program one of the best opportunities this industry has ever seen. As usual, please contact us if you have any concerns and our support team will answer you, you can e-mail us both in English and French. Primfix
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