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A expert\'s guide about top hyip

A expert's guide about top hyip. Hello everybody. I can see many people still in some investment stand collapse cry every day, this is because they are not good investors, they don't know how to be smart investment. Below is my top hyip exerience since 2011, I have been get considerable income through the top hyip. Now let me tell you how to do it. 2011 I use only 500 dollars, and now has investment, and now I got 23450 dollars, I can earn 2000 dollars every month. From the beginning of the HYIP investment , I realized through the (HYIP website) called the forex trading or other project to earn so high yields is impossible. I have a forex trading experience, in a real forx trading market, even if you are superior, you can earn only 3 to 7% of profits every month, but the profit compared to put money in the bank is still high many, the bank only give you 5% a year or more low interest. Now I know, all of these HYIP will only last a few weeks or months and then they will collapse, but I would like to point out, for example , an investment stood daily interest 4%, for 40 days, if I can earlier saying, I can join in a month 10 to 20% of the profits earned more than the world's most (trade) market generated profit, and I just need to click a few mouse clicks can earn the money. So, if you want to be a truly successful investors, want to use this HYIP ways of earning a living, then you should start to learn to professional investment behavior, imagine the stability of every month earn 15% profit, and then turn into the HYIP fields. I write these are mainly for a lot of people feel uneasy, they enter the world of HYIP, but soon in failure, so feel frustrated and left the field, all of these because they don't know how to investment and smart.
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