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The following is my field in HYIP investment 3 1/2 years in top hyip experience of some guidance, please follow them, don't have to be afraid of HYIP. 1) all the HYIP stand as is the fleeting PONZI and fraud. 2) Visit the hyip monitor several time daily, so you can always know what new sites opened earlier and join, because if you join late, you could not get money back, no profits. 3) Don't trust the telephone support, real-time chat, 24/7/365 customer service or the DD logo such things if a HYIP stand want to scam, it can be scam at any time. 4) I never investment 1% daily interest site, suggest you also don't invest in it, and why? As I stated earlier, usually all the HYIP PONZI can live only about 45 days to 2 months, so if you add daily interest 1% of the station, need 100 days to take back the depositl, and then you could not get the principle back, but if you join daily interest 5% of the station, only 20 days can begin to make a profit. 5) Never invest in HYIP with free domain name's web site . 6) investment diversification, meaning that moment spread money to several HYIP program, for example, if you have 1000 dollars, invest into 15 HYIP programs, even if a few HYIP scam, you can also win some compensation from the rest hyip programs. 7) Only choose daily interest 2 to 5% hyip site, don't invest into hyip with 1% daily. In the heart of the moment, remember that the goal is to make every month 10 to 15% of the profits , not too much, so you can easily get reasonable investment. Never choose compound interest payment . The first thing is get the principle back earlier. Follow my experience guidance, every month to obtain considerable income,don't be greedy, this is the key to success. Hope everyone can live a happy and successful life.
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