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What is HYIP

HYIP (High Yield investment program) refers to highly profitable Investment plan, some payout by the day's , some by weekly, some payouts by months. Most of the HYIP's payout plan are very attractive, it can be make the real world bank mocked. But know that is equal to high risk, high return most HYIP investment stand will be closed within half a year. How are they generate profit? Mainly through the foreign exchange) general ADMIN itself is affiliating PROFFESIONAL TRADER, or ADMIN hiring several PROFFESIONAL TRADER affiliating, they put us in the most of the funds used to invest into foreign exchange, thus to achieve the payouts he promose. Of course their money pool could not unlimited expansion continious, besides a few have the strength of the registered investment company, have abundant funds to maintain operation, so as we investors, the key is to choose and judgment, and the time to take the TOP HYIP. But most of the HYIP are scammers... 95% percentage.
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