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Hyip is a GAME. High Yield, High Yield what is High returns? See now, how much is the annual interest rate bank deposits, not more than 5%. HYIP promised returns compared with amazing and some really high on profits, some hyip claims the profit is 30% one month, and more crazy claimed 600%, 20% of the 10 days... As long as you enter the HYIP GAME world, you speak inevitable to contact with every day such as this kind of story. Such high return let you happy. Calculate it yourself, 600% of the annual return, if it continuous keep 4 years, what will happens? 1296 times! If your original investment is RMB 1000, four years after you into 1 million rich man for!!!!! Don't get excited, 10 million don't get excited, this is just a fantasy dream, remember that heaven never falling pie, at best off others the remains of the pie slag
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