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HYIP pyramid

The hyip investment program say that he is invest in some financial activities, with their own skills and experiences can ensure that promised the such as 20% / month returns. Ironically, almost all of the HYIP are cheater, they claim investment is just a cover for investors to pay for the interest is from other investors hand, "with renewed the funds to pay for him, so that build " A pyramid structure, the earliest investors is located in the top level, the most recent investors are at the bottom. But this "pyramid" are not stronger as the real pyramid , strong to ensure more investors increasing, the pressure of payouts will one day bring this pyramid collapse. The result is that the ADMIN will run with the capital of investors, the early investors may be get some profits before the pyramid crash, and later retreat from the investor is basically lose everything. Again, the investment is just a cover for SCAM, but it is necessary to introduce common in the area of hyip investment. HYIP the most common so-called investment activities in the foreign exchange market is (of the), affiliating in understanding slightly on the foreign exchange market, if the people can achieve an average 1% day in forex markets, they are extremely superior. So if the hyip says investment of foreign trading, and it claims the the payouts is more than 2% daily are cheater. Other hyip investment claims that they invest in stock, real estate, sports betting, foreign exchange gaming, etc
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