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Make investment: Make investment: make your money to help you to make money! Make a lot of money, not necessarily to need lots of money, small investment make small imcoming, big investment make big income. So the amount of money is not relate to do investment or not. Because, on the Internet, there are always to have opportunity to get 3 time return on investmente. Such as many people are doing domain name investment, also a lot of people are addiction in HYIP investment. These opportunities will often floating in your eyes, but because you lack this investment idea, that make you can't get those opportunity. Once you have this kind of idea with investment to make money, you will find all kinds of opportunities. Have a good investment, can let you have a stable income. And then you can sleeping all day, also have the money income. This kind of life do you want? If you and others said, people may feel that you are dreaming in the day, but if you keep on doing this, you will find you really can do it. If you have a stable income after that, you don't have to worry about living, and then you can have more time to do, your heart really want to do things
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