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Here is our latest profit report, our earnings this month were outstanding, especially because of the big number of tennis matches and events on in June. As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, tennis matches can be very predictable and we must take advantage of that. As you can see in the chart below, we placed a lot more regular bets than arbitrage bets for the reasons mentioned above. As some of you may know, MLB (Major League Baseball) is going on in America and there are several matches every day, which we follow and are placing many bets there. We are expecting great results again for July, as we started to use a new technique this month trading bets. The concept is pretty simple to understand, the odds for a certain game can change several times, for example if you place a bet for a certain event that\'s going to happen in two weeks from now, these odds might change if the team or player achieves something during those two weeks. We can then lay our original backing bet, or vice versa, for a guaranteed profit no matter what the result is in the end. To use this method, we are using a betting exchange rather than a regular bookmaker. This enables you to be both a player and a bookmaker so to speak. You can place bets on players/teams/results and more to win or to lose (back or lay). We were aware of this method before, but we didn\'t realize it could be so profitable, so now we are exploiting this market too. We didn’t include the earnings in our fund distribution this month as it’s something still recent for us. It will be included in July’s report and you will get a better idea of how profitable it can be. Since we\'re talking about bets, we would like to remind you that our Betting Platform will be ready soon. Once again we apologize for the delay, our programmer faced a few problems but you\'ll see it soon and it\'ll be worth the wait! About our general status, we can tell you that we have more than 4400 registered members now and the total deposited recently crossed the $250,000 mark. We are very satisfied with it as we had an amazing first month of summer. Most business are usually positively affected by the summer, specially ours as many business from the private sector have a huge profit during this time of the year such as casinos, resorts and general lodging business. There are also many sports events during the summer. We are discussing the creation of a business portal for these type of investments, and we are now putting our ideas on the paper and thinking about the best way to share it with you all. You’ll have access to other opportunities than just Primfix with this and as soon as we make more decisions on this, we will provide some more information about it. We are sure the summer will be shiny for Primfix and our members this year! Have a great weekend and, as usual, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Best regards, Derek Rochester
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