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Insectrio hyip invement\' liberty reserve move quickly

I am very pleased and excited to let you know that Insectrio has a new LibertyReserve instant payments system, which is much more safer, secure and faster than our previous one! I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, to GoldCoders, our script provider, for dedicating the time to work on the system and making sure everything works perfectly well. Please be advised that from now on, due to security reasons, each member of Insectrio who uses LibertyReserve, is required to create the API (Automatic Payment Interface) of our new system in his LibertyReserve account, in order to always get paid instantly from Insectrio. Please follow the instructions below, step-by-step of creating our API system in your LR account: 1) Login to your LibertyReserve account 2) Click on "Merchant Tools", after that click on "Create new API" 3) Enter the following details: API Name: Insectrio Security Word: Instant10 4) Check ENABLED, Check TRANSFER, Check BALANCE 5) Enter your Master Key and click "SUBMIT" Once you finished creating the API of Insectrio, please send me an email to with your username and LR account number and I will add you to the safe list immediately, so that you will be able to receive all your payments from Insectrio instantly, forever. Regards, Robert
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