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To All Asia Public Finance hyip Members WE NEED YOUR ATTETION : URGENT MATTER TODAY 11 ST JULT 2011 , THEY WILL GOING TO ACTACK DDOS AGAIN OUR ASIA PUBLIC FINANCE SITE BUT DON,T WORRY OR AFREIT , WE ALLREADY PREPAIR OF ALLS IF YOU CANNOT ACSESS OR LOGIN TO YOUR MEMBER AREA , IT,S ONLY FOR TEMPORERY , DON,T HAVE NEGATIVE THINGKING TO ASIA PUBLIC FINANCE , OUR PROGRAM IT,S STEAL RUNNING AS USUAL WE NEED ALL YOUR SUPPORT FOR ASIA PABLIC FINANCE GOD BLESS ALL OF US I ALREADY SENT EMAIL TO ALL OUR MONITORS TO SUPPORT US AS A PARTNERSHIP Yesterday on July, 08th 2011 Our Asia Public Finance was UNDER DDOS ACTACK Asia Public Finance site was down and Up again , but All Transfer Profit Payment Complate We recieved 2 email as below : 1.Your website is under DDoS attack. To stop it transfer 250$ to U5583194 ( as stated in the e-mail with every hour under attack the requested amount will be more with 10$ Bye 2.You site is down. If you dont pay, I will be write it in all finance forums. You lose over 270 USD, think. I ddos you site. Pay me and, I stop ddos. Hi admin I ddos you site 07.07.2011. I want 270 LR USD, but you ignore me. I will be ddos you site again, if you dont pay me, Now i need 270 LR USD, and I dont ddos you site, !but i may ddos you concurents. My LR purse: U3257007 memo: for game codes. Please write in I will give money in one hour, or ddos. Bye. All Our membar datas is save and back up so don,t worry with this happening Our IT staff work hard to make Asia Public Finance Online and come back to Your,s In the maintime if you want to make Deposit/ Withdraw , transfer from / to Tour LR/PM Account LR / PM account to Our LR : U 8581187 ( Asia Public Finance ) PM : U 1956439 ( Asia Public Finance ) Email us at : Deposit reference TRANSFER / wITHDRAW : .1. Your name : ... ......................... 2. Email : ............................. 3. Total Deposit/Withdraw : ............................. 4. Deposit Plan : ............................. We will Update manually in the mean time Thank you for your attention and do hope the site will Up as soon as possible Regards James Managing Director emai;
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