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program back on track

Dear members, As you probably noticed Insectrio website was not accessible in the past hours, because the upgrade of Insectrio to the highest level of DDOS protection (WebPIPE 2) took place in that time. If you made a deposit and it wasn't credited in your account, just let me know and I will add it to you immediately. Now everything is fixed and all the pending LibertyReserve withdrawals have been processed. Our new API system for instant payments is working perfectly well, and I am very glad to tell you that over 85% members of Insectrio are getting paid instantly thanks to the API creation of Insectrio in their LibertyReserve account. Insectrio is getting the most popular and successful investment site on the Internet with very large investments of over $20,000 and super strong cashflow! Our Alexa traffic rank has really jumped recently and you can see it here: I want to thank, from my bottom of my heart, to each, and every member of Insectrio, for making it the best, and the most powerful project in the HYIP industry! Ok that's all for now! Stay tuned for improvements and many new features soon! Best Regards, Robert
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