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earngroups need help ??? really ???

Hi Members, As you may have all noticed, EarnGroups has become the hottest and most popular investment site in the industry, and we have been receiving numerous threats recently from jealous competitors, that if we don't pay them a certain amount of money, they will complain to AlertPay non-stop until they suspend our account. Obviously, these blackmailers are admins of other program that are jealous of the success of EarnGroups and see it as a major threat to their business. All they want is to kill EarnGroups and they already managed to cause AlertPay terminate our account with their actions. Our AlertPay account is now suspended and we are unable to access it. Your help is needed. We ask every member of EarnGroups to send a support ticket to AlertPay and ask them to unsuspend our AlertPay account as soon as possible. We won't let these crooks to win, and nobody will take EarnGroups down. If we come back with a new AlertPay account they might suspend it as well, so the best thing we can ask you to do now is to help us by contacting AlertPay and explaining them the situation. We already sent a support ticket to AlertPay but it's not enough, and your help is urgently needed. If each one of you helps EarnGroups by doing this, we are sure that we can get back our AlertPay account and everything will be back to normal. We thank you once again for being a part of EarnGroups, and we wish you a prosperous stay with us. Best Regards, Christian
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