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Basic online security rules Fri, 17 Jun 2011 Maintaining your account security is one of our priority goals. Help us protect your account from unauthorized access by getting acquainted with basic online security rules. This informative message will help you learn more about most common security threats that may affect your computer and sensitive information and find out out what effective measures should be taken against these threats. Keep computer viruses and spyware out There are hundreds of new computer viruses created every month. Some are relatively harmless, but most are designed to delete files, compromise your confidential information, or damage your operating system. Most anti-virus software works by detecting viral `signatures` - the bits of code which are unique to each virus. When scanning for known viruses they refer to a database of signature definitions. Since new viruses are released every day this database must be updated regularly. Here is a list of effective anti-virus software that you can download and install free of charge. Be careful when opening email and attachments whey you are invest in hyip program The vast majority of viruses arrive as attachments to emails. Most of them are harmless until they are opened. Do not trust any attachment to be what it claims to be or the message it comes with claims it to be. Do not trust an email to be from who it says it`s from. Most viruses spread by automatically (and invisibly) forwarding themselves to addresses they find in the address book or in messages stored in the inbox of an infected machine, so you cannot assume that just because a message (says it) comes from a friend it is innocent. Be selective about what you download and from which sites Games, applications, and other kinds of software are often the source of viruses and other malware. Be selective about what you download, and update and run your anti virus protection regularly and make sure your Internet security software is activated and monitoring your computer. Use secure browser connection It is vital to make sure that your connection to a website is secure especially if you are about to transmit sensitive information, such as passwords or payment data. Using the SSL security protocol, computers on either end scramble and unscramble sensitive information making transmissions unintelligible to all other parties that may relay the message in between. Most browsers can be set to notify you when you enter and leave a secure site. Install a personal firewall A firewall separates your computer from the Internet and decides what gets in or out. Firewalls are the most effective Internet Security defence against other intruders. By configuring your firewall to disallow all traffic except what you are aware of and have specifically permitted, you can protect yourself from both hostile intruders and information leaks. Choose complicated passwords Passwords are one of your first lines of defence for Internet Security. Make it difficult for anyone to guess. An ideal password is a combination of letters and numbers and contains a minimum of eight characters. You should avoid easily guessed combinations like addresses and birth dates. And it`s a good idea to change your passwords every three months or so. Never use same password for different accounts and services. Don`t let your web browser remember your personal information Your web browser may offer to remember frequently used passwords and credit card numbers. Although it may make online shopping or banking a little easier, you should decline the offer. Having the potentially costly data stored on your computer means it could be accessible to potential intruders all over the world. Backup your computer, regularly, both data and OS configuration One way you can keep your valuable information safe is to keep a backup of it. High-capacity disk drives and CDs can quickly copy your valuable files onto a removable disk or CD-ROM that you can store in a different location. And the last but not the least rule to be followed If you notice any suspicious activity on your investment account, please change compromised account credentials and contact your investment advisor for appropriate measures to be taken. unitrust direct
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