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MaxiEarn\'s question with alertpay hyip

I was really hoping that AlertPay will stop making quite strange decisions and will unlock our account after we submitted all documents they been asking for. But they didnt and more to say today I received email that almost all funds at our account are frozen with a reason - loss prevention. Well, its sad that one of the biggest payment processors in HYIP industry decided to scam their members but we have to move on. As I told before, we are not going anywhere and we will continue paying to other payment processors witch we use for our service. From now AlertPay is officially dropped as MaxiEarn Ltd payment processor. Members who made a deposit via AlertPay please submit transaction dispute at AlertPay hyip website to get your money back. As alternative to AlertPay within next few days we will add SolidTrustPay. I suggest to all members to think about what AlertPay is doing recently and stop using this scam service. Well, surely this will hurt the industry now a bit, because AlertPay became really popular among investors recently, but in a long term prospect its a nice chance to drop those scammers from the HYIP industry. I will give more info on a SolidTrustPay as soon as it added. We would like to apologize to all members who invested via AlertPay, but thats was not our decision and we cant do something with that. Best regards, Nick MaxiEarn Ltd Support
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