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Dear hyip investors, don\'t trust the mail like this.

To all hyip investors, don't trust the mail like this below( totally cheating): You have been selected as a winner in our special monthly contest and you have just won $500 LR! In order to claim the award, please follow the instructions mentioned below for your Liberty Reserve account so our system can send the payment. 1. Login to your LR account, go to Merchant Tools. 2. Click on Create new API 3. Enter the following entries 3.1. API Name: gorgonproject 3.2. Sec. Word: gorgonproject1 4. Tick ENABLED 5. Tick TRANSFER 6. Tick BALANCE Enter your PIN and submit to save the configuration. Please reply to this e-mail with your LR account number and your award will be sent within minutes. Thank you for doing business with us,
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