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FundeXpress hyip add ddos protection

Dear Investor The last 1 ½ day has been a big challenge as the server was up and down every hour. My host was contacted on several occasions and informed about the unstable connection but did not act or get the problem solved in timely matter. I finally got informed that they are undergoing a huge DDoS attack and try to reconfigure their system continually. The attack is not directly to my site but affect all customers hosting with them. However, this is not professional enough for me why I last night decided to act on my own and hosted a new very fast and much more secure server at Black Lotus who provide an excellent speed in support and can handle DDoS attack in large size without going off line. The transfer of files and database is already set up and done and while you read this, the propagation of domain name (update of nameserver) should be completed by now. I feel this is a good solution for the program and will ensure a stable program for a long time into the future. All payments was still done as usual as you maybe already know, and I was very pleased to discover that a large number of investors still made deposits in the uptime between downtimes. Thank you all for that and the trust you gave to me. Again, please accept my deepest apologies for the disturbance and trouble in the past 36hours. Thank you for your support to the program. Until next time, Peter H Brägger Admin FundeXpress
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