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STP solidtrustpay HYIP account transfer teaching

STP solidtrustpay HYIP account transfer teaching By chl100tw Posted on 2012/06/06 Each currency between different account, you can often turn mutual funds. STP HYIP is not exceptional also, with individual account for, fund transfers poundage, by the payee burden 1.5% + 0.25 USD. In addition, although the STP said only email the authentication of account, a day in the amount limit 250 usd, but the actual test, more than 700 usd is ok!!!!! Introduce account fund transfers between the process 1. Login STP solidtrustpay hyip account 2. Click on My Money Transfer of $$to others Transfer01. JPG 3. Input the other accounts, transfer gold amount, and individual trade password Transfer02. JPG 4. Confirm material is correct Transfer03. JPG < / span > 5. Successful transfer!!!!! Transfer04. JPG The entire program is very simple, the transfer is immediate, one after the other party immediately turn to be able to be checked! Very convenient!
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