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STP HYIP solidtrustpay HYIP finally through the the authentication

STP HYIP solidtrustpay HYIP finally through the the authentication If you want to get invest in STP HYIP solidtrustpay HYIP, first you need the solidtrustpay account. After several twists and turns (spent three weeks Orz), STP HYIP of standard authentication finally passed . Yes for submitting your verification documents. We are pleased to inform you that your account at SolidTrust Pay (username: CXXXXXW) is now Verified! Finally see the legendary slanting nuts work efficiency. It seems they really a can only process one thing. The bank the authentication or to preach a again. = = Summarized this standard authentication provide information: 1. Identity: passport cover (Taiwan ") and the contents (a photo, name, date of birth, passport, valid period) 2. Proof of address: pass two to him, a Chinese phone bill, and the other one is the bank deposit certificate (it has Chinese and English address) Offer to those who need to reference!!!!! Webmaster want to connect again again fierce completed authentication to the bank. In fact the bank the authentication to Taiwan on this side of the people, is probably more than the telegraphic transfer the function of the withdrawal just. But most people should prefer credit card to withdraw it (convenient, commission also cheap. For details, please see STP commission instructions). Complete the bank the authentication is pure like a strange acrobatics, less than superlative oath don't give up just.. xD If you haven't STP HYIP solidtrustpay HYIP account, = = > please click here to see how to apply for registration STP account.
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