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SolidTrustPay (STP) HYIP basic registered teaching

SolidTrustPay (STP) HYIP basic registered teaching SolidTrustPay (STP) HYIP and AlertPay (AP) HYIP, is the Canadian company. Also is quite famous international currency company. But alertpay did not accept HYIP anymore. The last five months AlertPay HYIP cannot charge lead to many websites income big reduction, many have have to throw his STP arms. STP in addition to login control strictly, account validation is also very strict (writings in the vernacular translation: very trouble! . See AlertPay credit card problem can not solve, cored development wangzhuan person, or should first put the STP apply for good, for a rainy day. STP solidtrustpay hyip account validation, divided into 1. Basic registration 2. Credit card the authentication 3. Standard authentication 4. Bank account the authentication. Want to free use of STP account each function, suggest at least to complete the first three way the authentication procedures, so of course had better even bank account together also authentication will is the best. Because a lot of formalities, the next step would be to have separate each program is introduced. This article first introduces the basic registration 1. Please click below graphic, or < strong > click here to STP solidtrustpay HYIP website. SolidTrust Pay 2. Click the register new account 3. Please select Personal category. 4. Then please do as below fill in the material (if you can't see clearly, please click on image to enlarge) Inquires the address b links: http://adf.ly/2emxp 5. Fill out after the system shows that sent the authentication letter. 6. Please go to the mailbox receiving, click on the confirmation link. 7. After the confirmation, we can start to try to login. 8. After the login screen as follows, here done the first basic registration procedures. Next, is the follow-up authentication 2. Credit card the authentication 3. Standard authentication 4. Bank account the authentication Please wait and see. ^ ^
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SolidTrustPay (STP) HYIP basic registered teaching
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