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STP HYIP SolidTrustPay HYIP bank account the authentication

STP HYIP SolidTrustPay HYIP bank account the authentication teaching Today I would like to introduce is STP HYIP bank account the authentication procedure. Through the verification, can get bank account directly transfer storage value and the function of the withdrawal. [bank certification program] 1. Login STP HYIP account. 2. [My Verification] from [Verify/Upgrade Account] into the validation STP solidtrustpay HYIP Account picture. Please choose the bank the authentication. 3. Bank any information needed for certification. The first two items in our standard authentication has been completed, you can skip. The rest need is a new bank account, and upload, email, or mail bank account documents (about material in English questions, please see received STP notice, the authentication should be formal English documents). Here we first upload bank account documents. The same press step one of the Upload HERE. 4. Upload a page, keep up with the standard authentication picture is the same, so use the same picture. File naming also the same. The big space fill in example: John_bank. JPG is a copy of the cover of my bankbook. 5. Uploaded successfully. Please wait seven working days. The results will be to email notification. 6. Then to new bank account. Please refer to [My Banks and Cards] [View Bank Account] page. Choose new account. 7. Fill in the required information. Usually the Internet can be searched, but if there is any unclear, not sure place, please directly contact the bank asked clearly. 8. New success. 9. At this time to [View Bank Account] page, you can see just new material, Verified state is No. Apply for the authentication process to end here. The next step is to send email notification and STP can go. Application progress can be in step 2 picture below the current audit to see which day upload data. Time not to former please wait patiently. If it is determined that the audit has been more than their upload data date, but received any notice, you need to write to standing party I ask.
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