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Hi there, It's hard to believe that November is already here and before long we will be in the middle of the holiday season! And this November, we wanted to let you know about several live events and webinars we have planned. These real-time events are delivered using Elluminate, complete with audio, chat and desktop sharing - and are completely free and open to anyone that wants to join in. What is Edublogs Campus? Wednesday, November 10th @ 9:30am PST Tuesday, November 23rd @ 1:00pm PST What can I do with my blog? Wednesday, November 17th @ 9:30am PST Edublogs Weekly Serendipity & Fine Focus Every Thursday @ 4pm PST To learn more about our webinars, visit our live event page here. To join a live event just click on the following link: No reservations are needed - simply click on the link above at the time the webinar is to begin. We hope to see you there soon! Cheers, The Edublogs Team Other Recent Edublogs News:
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