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digger stop sign up

Hello Your account name is hyipfactory Your e-mail is Your LR account is U5731032 You have been registered: 2010-10-21 08:39:58 As proposed for the last couple of Days Digger Fendy has now closed the Doors for new Sign Up. This is simply done for the reason to consolidate the online Business with the real Off line business in terms of the Gold action ongoing in Ghana. There is nothing about to be scary it is just common sense what tells me to do so for having enough time to set all in a way which will lead us in to a golden Future. A WIN-WIN situation where all stakeholders are profit from. There will be a few new things on the Digger Fendy web site as well within the next couple of days, with more videos made when we do the final test for our Equipment on the mining site, which was the major issue to close temporary for new sign ups. So lets move together, place your deposits and make Digger Fendy grow even further, we made the first 100 days and now lets move to the next 100 days. That is the calculation frame I have set for it to be in proper control of it. CHeers Digger hyip online investment Fendy
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