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Hello Your account name is hyipfactory Your e-mail is Your LR account is U5731032 You have been registered: 2010-10-21 08:39:58 Many thanks to you for your pay out request so it has made equal my Cash reserve to keep. :>). A great weekend to you, and today we will have a longer news to you send out, explain a few facts about the plans and the way Digger Fendy generates Money. FIRST OF ALL TOMORROW MIDNIGHT I WILL CLOSE FOR NEW MEMBERS TO SIGN UP! AND AFTER 11.11.2010 THE 2% FOR 100 DAYS WILL BE CLOSED - FOREVER - To close means only for new investments all present deposits will be paid for 100 days!!!! To close for new Members and the daily plan is related to the growing work load I am facing, right now I am not only finance projects and take care of that we receive the return we have to receive - but I am as well for the time being the one Person who has to take care of the technology we present to the mining community and as well the Fish farmers, not to mention the high interest we receive for our advanced Jatropa Bio Fuel technology. For not to fail in all our adventure I have closed for New Member sign up and will open once all is consolidated again from time to time for new Member sign up. The closure of the 2% for 100 days is final on 11.11.2010 not because we are not able to generate the income we need to generate, but simply for the fact the time consuming work on a daily base to do. Now you may ask your self how could Digger Fendy do it to pay without delay for 100 days 2%? The answer is simple at one point, and dedicated maths and numbers on the other hand, as the environmental Scientist I am, I am only interested in reality and facts, believe and guess work is not within my vocabulary. The Digger Fendy investment formula = 30-40-30 those are the numbers I am playing with. I will explain that below: Every Money deposited on a given day and here I use simply the times from the Payment processors. Yesterday Digger Fendy received 1000$ in Liberty Reserve now I do the Split as below: 30% I transfer to my 2 Digger Fendy Security Liberty Reserve accounts in equal split. And use that only to fill the Cash Balance for the Payouts needed if needed, doing it like that, if money is needed to pay out and the cash vault is empty, then both of that accounts deposit amount X in to the Operational account as both of them are Members of Digger Fendy, they receive daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payments as any other Investor Partner. They request daily the interest and get paid as any other Member. THE POSITIVE CASH FLOW SYSTEM FACTOR. Once a certain amount is reached on the Security account No:1, then the overhead of that account is transferred out and real Gold is purchased with it, that will take place for the first time on 15.11.2010 and this Gold is then stored within the Bank vault at Fidelity Bank, UT Bank and GT Bank here at Ghana where Digger Fendy will stay most of the Time, so that means we build real equity, we have the only real Cash available "GOLD" you as Investor Partner does not see that process, you just request your account balance and you are paid within 24 hours. So you as well reach your Goals, i know many of you deposit and are shaking, asking yourself the questions did I do the right thing, will I get my Money back and even a profit? As you have experienced for the last 100 days, you will get it back and so you will get it for the next 100 days. There are many more security measures within the 2 Accounts with which I do not want to bother you. Now we are coming to the 40% factor from the 1000$ deposit of yesterday. That is the part which does investing in real business and a small portion in to Online HYIP Games. With this money we made it possible that Jean could make the first Gold delivery to Malaysia, with it we finance Ghana real Business operations in Gold Finance, Buying of Gold, Finance Small scale mining operations and others. That is the middle point of the operation the balance factor, as more Money comes in as more can be invested and as more return we receive. No way that Digger Fendy places all Eggs in to one Basket - that would be stupid in any kind of Business deals. Here again I am working with the 30-40-30 formula right now most of it goes in to the Gold buying factor, to generate enough return to deposit it in to our own Mining Concession and when I am talking about Mining concession then I am talking here service Contracts Digger Fendy is making with Small Scale Miners to finance their operations and from that we receive 30% in Gold. And the last 30% Cash Flow Balance on the operation account, that reserve guarantees that at any time Digger Fendy is able to fullfill your payment demand. So I hope that has given you a raw picture how Digger Fendy is working and what he is doing with the Money you bring in to the Investment Game. =================== Now somethings more what I like to explain after the very interesting Phone conversation at early morning with Mr. Ryan an Investor Partner with Digger Fendy. Actually it has blown a bit my mind when he was mention that the interest rate of Digger Fendy is to high! Now lets get in to the real world of Gold at Ghana. A country where we are walking on the Cash assets, please open your mind to the fact that Gold is not an investment, it is not a stock, a hedge or any other form of Investment. "GOLD IS REAL MONEY PUR AND CLEAR"' Lets face it, if you call me today and tell me that you want 100gr. of Fine gold delivered to your address, then I will send you an Invoice and organize the security Shipment to your address by Courier. So what takes place then, that you receive real monetary value either as Coin or as Gold bar, uncorruptible monetary value, which no government can dillute or play any other stupid games with, who is lowering your Paper money and your value. Gold is the only currency with intrinsic value and you will see that within the next 12 months gold will rise by another 20% plus. So therefore Gold you purchase today will worth 20% more in the 12 months future. You see the point, as Digger Fendy is involved in real Gold business, from getting it out of the ground, in processing of Alluvial Gold until Trading it to Partners all over the World, Digger Fendy is working with real monetary value, which creates profits of up to 40%. How? Now face it, Blue1Gold delivers technology to the Miners which increases their extraction ratio, so they earn more and Digger Fendy finances it and receives the return in real Gold at 22 karat alluvial gold dust. Blue1Gold makes the money with the Technology so therefore we create a WIN-WIN situation for all stake holders. Not as it is at present for most of the miners that they have to pay their financers up to 70% so they are never able to come clear, I call that another form of Slavery. No Digger Fendy goes not wild and public with it, Digger Fendy only works with mines who are having passed our DD and are willing to work with the 30-40-30 Social Green Mining Concept. 30% of the Gold harvested goes to the Mine Owner holding the concession 40% of the Gold pays the Mine workers and Environmental Team after extraction, pays money in to the Elders Fund, the Village Fund and finances Villager projects. So instead of having poor villages and environmental disaster Mines, we create with the riches extracted new riches, in fish farming, Chicken farms, Yatropa Bio fuel which then is sold to the mine to run the Diesel Generators needed for the green extraction. 30% of the Gold goes to Digger Fendy Group. I am right now in the process to register here at Ghana Digger Fendy Industries & Finance Ltd. a legal operating finance company which is allowed to do all kind of financing. I hope I have given you a bit a clear Picture of how Digger Fendy is working, which may seems strange in terms of the HYIP world, but that world was just a perfect tool to receive and generate the funds to get there where Digger Fendy is today. To finish the EnvoPark Spider Jet Money from your investment where used. To ship the First Gold to our clients to Malaysia, money from your investment with Digger Fendy was used. And when I doing my Trip within the next 14 Days to Malaysia then as well Money from your investment are used for it and if you are wise and real business interested then make your bet with Digger Fendy, even in to the 2% plan as long as that one stays open, so in 100 days you have doubled your capital which is great, and when you go in to the long term plans you will be making even more out of it, not in a short run, but on a long term with constantly weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments, and if you are looking for real gold then go in to the 6 month plan which delivers real gold to your Door. Please reflect on the written words of digger fendy and then compare them with the plans on offer and you may understand the beauty of it. As Gold is Money in its highest form all what we are doing is making money by getting the real money out of the Ground. And there our profit stays. Cheers Digger Fendy hyip online investment
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