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If you received this letter several times, please do not be angry because a lot of correspondence confused.

If you received this letter several times, please do not be angry because a lot of correspondence confused. Thanks! Dear administrators of hyip monitors and other advertisement sites who have offered advertising to our project and who deal with such services. As we got so many propositions to advertise our company, our advertisement department decided to propose counter-offer to you. In order to check advertisement efficiency as well as the efficiency of further advertisement we have the possibility and we want to offer to you the following: place our banner for the term of 15 to 30 days (at your option) 2.we add $25 bonus to your account on our site for listing monitor (Premium and Exclusive listing only) If 5 or more referrals register on your referral link within 30 days you get extra $100 bonus (as soon as you collect required quantity of referrals) as well as your banner will be free of charge for 2 months. If the advertisement level is not enough sufficient and you don’t fulfill the conditions, your bonus will be blocked and our joint action will be cancelled. If 3 or 4 investors register, decision of granting recompense will be taken by our advertisement department. Attention! In a case you are interested in our offer you will have to pass next few steps: 1. to register on our site 2. to place our project on your monitoring 3. to place our project banner 4. to send a letter to indicating your username (e-mail) link you use with our project and links to monitoring and banner. The title of the letter should be “Adding advertisement” 5. You will be added bonuses within few hours We are looking forward to your reply. Our best regards, Leanleef Holdings A.G. Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear sirs, We would like to represent you our main project’ principles. - We came to this market with intention to stay for a long time and keep working stable in our segment. - Our main policy is gradual advertisement; and the main goal of the offers we send is not only analyzing and objective rating of advertising sites of this segment, but getting new wave of clients to who these subsidiary resources were created - The main target of our project is the most convenient service and satisfaction of our clients’ needs P.S. Attention!!! We would like to mention that we will be glad to answer to your questions, which you can send to our e-mail and please don’t load our online support department as they are busy with providing convenient service for all our clients. Thank you for your attention and we are looking forward to your replies. Leanleef Holding A.G. team
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