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ON SUNDAY 31.10.2010 GHANA TIME DIGGER FENDY WILL BE CLOSED FOR NEW MEMBER SIGN UP! First Deposit has to be made within 10 days after joining, all Accounts without Deposit by 11.11.2010 will be deleted. So if your experience with Digger Fendy tells you to invite friends then do so right now! After that the opportunity has gone. And 97 days of flawless paying speak enough. PAY OUT REQUESTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED MONDAY - FRIDAY, ALL REQUESTS MADE ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY WILL BE RETURNED TO THE ACCOUNT BALANCE. Reason for the above facts and action, as the Digger Fendy Videos show Digger Fendy has a real Life and Business to do here at Ghana and Asia. My day starts at 6 in the morning when I do the payouts answer Support, be in touch with Investor Partners, taking breakfast at 8 and leave at 9 for the offline business, the Fish Hatchery where all starts here, Video I will present tomorrow about it, It is not a great distance but the Traffic jam and the road conditions making it a ling trip, return around 2100 at night, take shower and washing the red soil of Africa from my Face and Body, have some Dinner, and then again looking after the Digger fendy virtual network and go to sleep at midnight, Thats a Digger Fendy Day. Taking last Weekend the first break in months and going for a night to the Beach and relax, where going to sleep at 2000 and wake up refreshed next morning at 7:30, trying then to access the website via USB Modem the weakness of the signal has disrupted the script in certain parts. Then on return on Monday to the CIty I had to find out that on most of the Monitors Digger Fendy was listed as Problem or more honest as waiting. Systems which never spend 1 dollar from their own pocket let robots decide what is going to happen with an web site who just has a little technical problem and not even wait for 24 hours and you are blacklisted. What kind of Deal and Business is that? Frankly spoken I would today check every monitoring by mailing with the admin how many hours they have in their robots and would not join any lower than 48 hours. Digger Fendy is a real business and what was happen to the Script is nothing more than a technical failure due to low internet signals, a point who has got fixed. Like we fix our tools in the real business as well. It was a crucial lesson to learn, because the majority of the monitoring bring nothing, promotional Bonus paid for not worth the costs inflicted, but even that could bring down Digger Fendy as most of the Money is working on the outside. Handling and managing the Business by the 30-40-30 Formula has made it the success it is and proven with the first gold delivery to Malaysia, so will it be for the next 97 days PLUS as well. It is your choice, invite friends and promote till Sunday or leave it, Deposit or leave it, no one is pushing and forcing you. But if you deposit, remember we play the HYIP Game here fair on both sides of the deal, we are gambling Partners, You deposit your bet and Digger Fendy pays the winnings. Yours sincerley Digger Fendy
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