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digger alarm

I am so to say pissed of with a few Monitoring sites, and I make here once and for all a clear statement. If you as a monitoring who does not invest from your own pocket but just living from the admins of Investment Games, do not read the mails admin sends out, then this is your fault and problem and not mine as an admin. All Pending payments where made on Saturday and I have taken a Day of to be ready and fit for the action waiting this week for me in terms of business and technology. The issue with the script was solved and was related to my internet connection and nothing else. This is the last warning if I find any listing or monitoring who does not wait for 48 hours before you list Digger Fendy as waiting or as problem, I will simply delete your account. As it makes no sense to pay for Bullshit the Money is better used to bring the technology running and buy Gold. ANYONE MONITORING WHO DOES NOT WAIT 48 HOURS WILL HAVE HIS ACCOUNT DELETED! Thanks Digger Fendy
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