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digger holiday

Hello and Akwaba, Another week has gone by and we are proceeding steady and stable, just the way I like it. Tomorrow till SUnday I am out and have to give a Sermon on Sunday at Church the only white Guy under all the black ones. Looking forward to it. :>) Take as well the time to get a rest after all the months of action and excitement to work has brought with it. Reflect on the work which lies before us and plan accordingly for it to reach our goals and targets. To all who are new to Digger Fendy: Please keep in mind that you need to deposit your first private Investment within 10 Days. And request your account balance and be paid and then if you like what you receive from Digger Fendy Private Investment place another Cash Deposit - Positive Compounding I call it. I wish you a great weekend and even more interest to earn. Yours sincerely Digger Fendy
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