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Hello jack First i'd like to thanks to all members that supported our program on forums. It is really important to our program. I知 very happy to say that TradersInvestments is growing constantly and we are getting an average of 50 new members daily, which is an awesome rate for just a week of a program. We plan to double this rate during the next month with special contests and advertising methods, and we hope that by doing this the program is going to grow more than ever. TradersInvestments is a very special project for me and I feel really good to notice it is a success till now. I appreciate all your help in order to turn TradersInvestments into the best hyip on the market right now. Once again, I wish you all the best and I hope you will all be as happy as I am with the program. In order to succeed, we need to set up goals for our lives, turning TradersInvestments into the best hyip program that industry has ever seen is my goal this time and I値l do anything to achieve it. Regards, Jean
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