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hello our dear members . We recived today an email from a person and he told ud We should pay him 100$ every day and if We dont it they send negative posts at forums . Total of them is fake . We are do our business honestly and We will do best for our real members . Total of the users is one person and fake and from scam people . We dont have attention to them posts the reason We do our work honestly . You can see them posts. total of them sent 1-2 post at TG and joning at tg today . Our site dont need scam peoples . We doing our business and pay our investors money and profit . We will have long life . and We will our investors do more support us at TG MMG and other forums . We are honest and after times you can find this . thank you for our real investors . every one can test our site . If you have any question please feel free to ask from us Traders Capital Inc +44.02081333863 +1.6232422618
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